"…with revelatory interviews and the rarest of rare performance footage,

Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage successfully explains why fans have connected with Rush so strongly

for so long."   - Guy Dixon, The Globe and Mail

"Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen have crafted a documentary that immerses the Canadian band’s fans in such a full-on experience that it may cause heads to explode with a surfeit of rock-geek joy…The film steps back on the narration to add a rich non-musical dimension to the stories of Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and

Neil Peart that makes this as much a doc about male bonding, devotion to craft and facing heartbreak

as it is the story of the rise of rock icons…"   - Linda Barnard, The Toronto Star

"Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage is a smart, lyrical, often funny movie…"   - Stephen Cole, The Globe and Mail

"In this sterling documentary, a wealth of archival material paints the most complete picture yet of these humble heroes."   - Peter Howell, The Toronto Star

"A wonderfully engaging and genuinely interesting career profile of Rush, those most derided of prog-rock shriekers."   - Andrew Pulver, The Guardian

"Beyond the Lighted Stage uses every frame to wittily and touchingly convey a story that

had yet to be properly told — about a band and improbable worldwide phenomenon that

is Canada’s own."   - Jim Slotek, Jam!Movies

"…a consistently engaging, entertaining, and fast-moving doc, even for non-fanatics."   -Robert Levin, Film School Rejects

"…Dunn and McFadyen always respect their subjects- and by

the end of the movie, so will you, NNNN"   - Norm Wilner, Now Magazine

"…an amazingly thorough documentary tribute to Toronto’s most famous musical export.
Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage is the story of DIY perseverance and non-compromise to be relished by fans and non-fans alike…"   
- Stuart Berman, Eye Weekly